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Pump Lock Pro™ - Trigger lock for Makita DMP180 pump

Pump Lock Pro™ - Trigger lock for Makita DMP180 pump

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Hey, you track day warriors! Tired of wasting precious pit time wrestling with your Makita pump's trigger? We've got the perfect pit crew gadget for you.

Our Pump Lock Pro™ is here to take the pressure off your fingers, so you can focus on what really matters - shaving seconds off your lap times!

👉 Unleash the Power: It's a 3D-printed gem, designed to click onto your Makita DMP180Z like a dream. This little champ locks the trigger in action, freeing you up to scrutinize your telemetry data or strategize your next session. Set your pump, and let the Pump Lock Pro™ handle the rest, stopping at the perfect pressure every time.

🔧 Install in a Flash: No complex tools needed! The trigger lock attaches using two existing holes in the Makita handle, and we're including a pair of longer Torx fasteners to make sure it's secure. It's so straightforward, you could do it in your racing gloves!

🔄 Quick On, Quick Off: Reversibility is key in the fast-paced track environment. The trigger lock comes off as easily as it goes on, leaving no trace behind. Ideal for those who love to keep their gear pristine!

So, while the trigger lock takes care of your tires, you can dive into analyzing your performance, discussing racing lines with fellow enthusiasts, or just soaking in the adrenaline rush.

Make every second count with the Pump Lock Pro™ - your new best friend on the track. Time to lock, load, and lap faster! 🚀🏎️💨

Disclaimer: We strongly advise users of this product to observe the manufacturer's instructions on the inflator operation (5 minutes on, 5 minutes off).

Important: This Trigger Lock is only compatible with the Makita DMP180 cordless inflator. Trigger Locks for the DMP181 and 40V MP001GZ models are coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to get informed with the latest details!

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