About us

We knew from the start that our life is going to be different.

When we met, Jure said: “I really like you. But if we’re going to do this, you’ll need to learn at least a little bit about cars.”

He was a car guy. I was not into cars.

“Yeah sure,” I said, thinking he’ll forget about this deal. Oh, how wrong I was.

For our first date, he picked me up in his Peugeot 206 RC. He floored it immediately, trying to impress me. Needless to say, he did. Even in a Peugeot.

I finally began to understand his passion. When he took me for a fast drive for the first time, pushing the car to its limits on twisty roads, I felt it.

Ultimate freedom. Your heart beats differently when you experience it.
Your breath intensifies.
You’re competing against your worst enemy — yourself.

And you can’t get rid of that drive to achieve more, to do better.

So we decided to apply that to our everyday life.

We never wanted a normal life. We weren’t born to settle for average.

We left our jobs (well, Jure left his, I got fired, but that’s a story for another time), and went on a crazy journey of discovering what kind of work we want to do, what job we want to create for ourselves. Something that will fulfill us, drive us every single day.

Fuck comfort.
Fuck safe decisions.
Fuck normal.

In our pursuit of an unconventional life, we earned enough money to buy Jure’s dream car at that moment, a BMW M3.

“We’ll buy a car tomorrow, I just wanted you to know. I already put down a deposit,” he called me, and with this decision, we spent all our savings on an M3. And it was so worth it.

The M3 was a door to a world we never even dared to dream of.

Because of the M3, we developed a deep passion for discovering the hidden roads of Europe. It was the reason we met so many truly good people we now call friends. And it was there when we got engaged, peeking from around the corner.

A year after we sold the beloved Peugeot 206 RC and bought a Mini Cooper S R56, which we later turned into a street-legal track car.

We tracked it whenever possible, swiftly overtaking the big boys on the track. But the Mini was stubborn. Something always went wrong after just a few laps, so we started calling it #PrayForMini. The Mini needed all the prayers he could get.

We didn’t stop there. Our car-buying habit went so far that we were buying a car each year now. We had to maintain the tradition.

We bought Beštija next. It was yet another BMW E92 M3, turned into a proper racecar.

And it was scarily fast. Maintaining that beast was a form of art. Pushing it to its very limit was a world you couldn’t discover in one take. You had to repeat that over and over again.

But we craved for more. Over the years, we learned a lot about cars, the different brands, their history, legacy. Naturally, we found Porsche.

We became obsessed. Bought books. Watched hours and hours of videos. Considering that we had to maintain a-car-a-year tradition, we had to buy one.

We finally bought our first Porsche, the unloved 996.

I remember when I took it for a drive for the first time. It was different than any other car. The driving felt completely natural, as it was something people were always intended to do.

It won a special place in our hearts. From that moment on, we knew. This was it.

But life had something else in mind that year.

An opportunity knocked on our door, a chance to buy a vintage Mini. We always wanted one, so we impulsively bought it.

It was our first experience driving a classic car and Jure’s first experience of renovating one. With the help of a simple manual, he learned everything about the car, the engine, how to fix it. After a couple of months of work, the Mini turned into a Meanie.

It was fast. Loud. And simply perfect.

Here we were, proud owners of the M3 E92, Mini R56, Porsche 996, Austin Mini, and the M3 E92 Racecar. But we weren’t satisfied.

Our heart was beating using a slightly different rhythm. That Porsche Passion never went away. We wanted something more.

And there it was, waiting for us, the Porsche GT3.

It was too much to ask. We felt naughty even thinking about buying one.

But it was pulling us closer and closer. We were out of excuses why not to buy it.

It was difficult, but we sold the M3, we sold the Mini, we sold the M3 Racecar. We collected all of our savings, earned a little bit more, and bought the Porsche GT3 without a second thought.

The rest is history.

We’re Shifted.

Our life is full of irresponsible decisions. Impulsive actions. Cravings for more.

We reject the idea of being normal. Normal is boring. Normal never resulted in a life worth living.

This brand is a reflection of our passion for an unconventional, shifted way of life. Let’s be Shifted together.