997.2 GT3 Clubsport

The car has been sold!

It has come to part ways with our beloved GT3.

It's bittersweet for us because, on the one hand, we'll miss the car greatly. On the other, we can't wait to see the joy it'll bring to the new owner.

Without further ado, let me introduce the car in question.

It's a 2010 997.2 GT3 in the release color Guards Red (G1) with the Clubsport Package and a very rare combination of foldable bucket seats in Nomex.

These foldable bucket seats were developed especially for the 997 generation and are in my opinion one of the best all-rounder seats on the sports car market.

They're comfortable, the seating angle is great and the folding capability has proven useful many times during our cross-Europe trips where we had way more luggage than the frunk supported.

The Clubsport package (003) is the most sought-after option for any serious driver or collector. It includes a factory-fitted roll bar and a (really big) fire extinguisher.

Among other things, the car came equipped with PCCBs (450), Front Axle Lift System (474), 90l fuel tank (082), leather/Alcantara interior (79), red seatbelts (XSX), PCM Navigation (P23) and Bluetooth phone connectivity (619), and Dynamic Cornering Bi-Xenon lights (603).

The car 3 owners before we got it, and we've been its custodians for the last 3,5 years and enjoyed roughly 34.000 kilometers out of the total 79.600 with it.

The car's history is clean, it's accident-free, and has done all the needed services at Porsche Centers either in Austria or here more recently in Slovenia.

It currently has the Porsche Approved Warranty until May 2024 and has the possibility to extend it until 2025 (until the car's 15 years of age).

Under PAW, the car got a few new bits and pieces such as a new starter motor, new PCM system, O2 sensors, and most importantly, a new Front Axle Lift System (which is a 20k € repair job). Needless to say, the investment was well worth it and we'd strongly encourage the new owner to take advantage of one more year.

The car features one of the last Mezger engines, the 3.8 litre 435hp version with an added cherry on top (or rather, rear) in the shape of a street-legal (and homologated) Akrapovič exhaust that really adds another level to the already wonderful engine noise.

The car has been tracked, but was always well taken care of. In August 2021, roughly at 70.000 kilometres, the car got a slightly bigger service at Manthey Racing valued at 8,000 € that consisted of a new clutch, LSD rebuild (with Manthey Racing friction plates), alignment and some special MR suspension tweaks. Since those changes were made, the car drove much better and faster on track, even with the stock suspension.

It's a serious machine for serious drivers! Some of the most noticeable lap times that the car is capable of are:

The car also reminds the driver that it's no toy from time to time.

Are you ready to try and tame the red beast? Drop us a message below and we'll be happy to help with any questions you might have!